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There aren’t many large studies on the value of chiropractic neck adjustment for headaches in managing migraines. Most people describe a tension headache as a constant dull, achy feeling either on one side or both sides of the head, often described as a feeling of a tight band or dull ache around the head or behind the eyes. According to the American Migraine Foundation, “To confirm the diagnosis of cervicogenic headache, the headache must be relieved by nerve blocks.Treatment includes nerve blocks, physical therapy, exercise, Botox injections, and medication. However, in most cases of tension headaches, significant improvement is accomplished through manipulation of the upper two cervical vertebrae, coupled with adjustments to the junction between the cervical and thoracic spine. Physical therapy and an ongoing exercise regime often produce the best outcomes.  It is the extreme range of motion (uniquely upper cervical), not the cavitation, that injures a vertebral artery. The most common contraindication for upper cervical manipulation is a diagnosis of “subluxations” by some chiropractors in Oakland County, Michigan who manipulate the neck of every patient they treat.

chiropractic neck adjustment for headaches Madison HeightsCan going to the chiropractor in Madison Heights, Michigan help headaches?

Even though tension headaches are the most common type of a headache, their cause is not generally known.  However, it does happen once every couple of months or so where a patient complains of an immediate headache after the adjustment. During your adjustment, the pressure is released from your nerves and some patients suffer a headache from the adjustment. Once it is determined that there is a problem affecting the brain stem precise articular( joint) X-rays are taken to determine exactly what direction the misalignment has displaced. Muscle contractions interfere with the sensitive fibers at the base of the neck that lead to the brain and spinal cord. This can increase joint irritation and muscle tension in the neck, upper back, and scalp, causing your head to ache. Chiropractic therapy in Madison Heights 48071 does not include drugs or surgery but uses X-rays and other exams to analyze how the patient’s spine might impact the patient’s health. Numerous research studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments are very effective for treating tension headaches, especially headaches that originate in the neck.

Can your neck being out cause headaches?

There are a number of published studies advocating the use of upper cervical manipulation as a treatment for cervicogenic headache, often without adequate consideration of the danger of such treatment. It is estimated that 90% of all adults have experienced tension headaches, which are usually described as a dull band of pain that surrounds the head, above the eyes. However, these are things you can do if you have a headache after a Chiropractic adjustment. We may refer you to a headache specialist or get MRI’s to ensure that you do not have a more serious condition. Upper Cervical chiropractors run objective neurological tests to determine whether cord irritation exists in the upper cervical spine. Dearborn Heights Chiropractic in Madison Heights, Michigan 48071 offers safe chiropractic adjustment for headaches to treat pain associated with tension headaches and migraines. Research shows that spinal manipulation – one of the primary treatments provided by doctors of chiropractic – may be an effective treatment option for tension headaches and headaches that originate in the neck.


Can Madison Heights chiropractic care for headaches help my neck pain?

Another trial found that 22 percent of people who had chiropractic treatment in Michigan saw the number of attacks drop 90 percent. This study also found that those who stopped chiropractic treatment after four weeks continued to experience a sustained benefit in contrast to those patients who received pain medication. When a headache is sudden, severe, or persistent, it is important to have a medical evaluation before concluding that you have a neck-related headache or before submitting to chiropractic adjustments for headaches, especially upper cervical manipulation that involves rotation of the atlas on the axis. The exact cause of tension headaches is not known, but it is believed that they may have something to do with muscle tension that is caused by stress or heightened emotions. If a headache lingers after seeing a Chiropractor that usually indicates that you need to turn the car around and go back to the Chiropractor.

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It’s possible that we may need to perform chiropractic neck adjustment in Oakland County to relieve the headache pain you are feeling. Chiropractors run objective neurological tests to determine whether cord irritation exists in the upper cervical spine. Chiropractic adjustment for necks, also known as cervical manipulations, are used to treat patients who suffer from headaches.